This Video describes how to make Chikoo / Sapodilla / Mud apple / Nase Berry / Ciku Milkshake at Home. This is a great Drink for Summer. HOW TO MAKE .

Welcome to my channel SWAD SANGAM . Today’s recipe is How to make Chikoo Milkshake.(Hindi) Chikoo Milkshake is a healthy drink made just three .

In this video, I am going to show you how to make chikoo milkshake or sapota milkshake at home. It is also known as chikoo juice, sapota juice etc. Chikoo .

This video is about Chikoo Milk Shake Recipe||चिकू मिल्क शेक रेसिपी||How to make Sapodilla Milkshake By GTK. Wonderful delicious stuff, All love it .

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