⛄️It has been snowing outside and it is the perfect time to bake. Especially with the holidays coming there are all sorts of Christmas recipes to make. Last year, we made two different Nutella Christmas trees. So we thought it would be fun to do a new Nutella Christmas tree version. ??

?? In this video we made both a Nutella Christmas tree and Nutella snowflakes out of puff pastry. One of our small snowflake cookie cutters was the perfect size to make small snowflakes to decorate the Christmas tree too. With the extra dough it was a quick and fun way to use up the dough and make lots of different size snowflakes too. Plus, it was super easy to make these delicious holiday treats with puff pastries. ? ? ?

❄️ Ingredients ❄️
Puff Pastry
Egg Wash
rolling pin
snowflake cookie cutters
pastry brush
baking pan
parchment paper

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