Welcome back to another challenge video! 30 days, 30 videos completely raw vegan! I’ve been waiting for sometime to do this challenge and now is the time. After an attempt at an electric alkaline diet… I concluded that raw vegan would be a better alternative and a great way of expanding my recipe repertoire.

My Official 30 Day Raw Vegan Challenge for my subscribers starts January 1, 2019! Gear up and get ready! We are going to go full speed, i will link my Facebook group on December 15th to gather everyone that’s interested in one place. I will have face book live video streams as well as the open forum for us to chat and support each other. Join me December 15 for the Raw Vegan Challenge that starts January 1st. Follow my Instagram linked below for more updates. See you soon ?!

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  1. This looks so good. I’m currently on the 10 day cleanse but I will definitely be preparing this when I break. It’s hard to stay positive when your options are limited….thank you so much for doing this.

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