Adam AKA Gross Guy teaches you how to make the ultimate burger…the All-Bacon Burger!!!

2 Packs of bacon
2 Slices of cheese
1 Bun

1 Oven tray
1 Frying pan
1 Chef knife
1 Cutting board
Parchment paper
1 Spatula

Step 1
Lay down a sheet of parchment paper then lay down 3 strips of bacon horizontally using only half strips of bacon begin to weave the strips together leaving free space at the tail end. Lay down 3 more strips of bacon and weave together. Repeat this step one more time. Roll the bacon patty in the parchment paper tightly.

Step 2
Bake in the oven at 350 degrees to cook the internal of the patty for 40 minutes then remove from parchment paper and cook for an additional 20 minutes to brown the outside.

Step 3
Fry an egg sunny side up in a frying pan.

Step 4
Take a bun and place two slices of cheese and bacon patty between it.

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All-Bacon Burger – Handle It



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