Patties also called puff pastry is a famous bakery item that is consumed all over the world. There are many different types of patties: chicken patties, garlic patties, etc. Here we share with you the recipe for making cheese and garlic patties(puff pastry) that is very easy to make but the result is just awesome. Making a pastry dough can be complicated if you don’t know the exact technique, in this video we share with the step by step process for making a perfect patties(puff pastry) dough at home. The garlic and cheese mixture give this patties a very unique and pleasant taste.
So please try our patties/puff pastry recipe and let us know in the comments section. We highly appreciate your comments.

White flour = 200 g.
Butter(salted) = 140 g.
Water = 100 ml.
Grated cheese = 50 g.
Grated garlic = 1 Tbsp.
Egg yolk(1) + Water(1 Tbsp.)

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