Barbie Cake is a beautiful and an elegant cake that requires perfection in baking and decorating cake.
It is a step by step process of baking perfect cake, leveling , stacking and decorating. I have tried to cover stacking and decorating in this video but it requires good knowledge of baking and leveling a cake so, I have mentioned my baking series tutorials link below, which will help beginners to learn perfect Barbie cake.

Requires – Four 6″ sponge cake
Two 9″ sponge cake
Chocolate Ganache
Whipped Vanilla Frosting
Icing Colors

Link For Baking Series

How To Make Chocolate Ganache Recipe- 3Ways! Poured, Piped, Whipped In Hindi

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Eggless White Sponge Cake With Strawberry Recipe/ Bake Perfect Cake Every time Tutorial Part 5

Easy Whipped Cream Frosting Recipe/ Bake Perfect Cake Every time Tutorial Part 4

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