This is a simple vegan recipe using simple raw ingredients with coconut noodles! Many ask what I eat in a day so here is one of my 5 favorite easy recipes!
This is the written recipe:
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Learn some super tasty and healthy recipes, and rotate them into your diet for overall improvement in your health! I’m going to make more videos about transitioning to more plant based food also!

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  1. I think people shoudnt say stuff like “oh i wish you are dating” “you are so cute as a couple”. It is nothing of our business to comment about her love live and or friendships.

  2. You guys are adorable, I love it! Hehe. And that looks like a great recipe! I’ll have to try it myself!!! I think I’ll have to tweak it to use maybe zucchini noodles instead maybe. I don’t like raw coconut like that unless it’s mixed like it is in the sauce. Idunno, I’m weird, haha. But that sauce with the kale!!?? Mmmmm!!! Looks and sounds amazing 😍
    Also, who sings the song you had in this video? It’s lovely!


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