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Iam Keyth.
Iam a 55 year old Raw Vegan. I became vegetarian at age 14, Raw (Vegan) and Vegan overnight on the reading of the first few chapters of #survivalinthe21stcentury by #viktoraskulvinskas, the vibe of that book and program has always rang true in my heart even at eras in my life where I have strayed quite far from it’s protocol/lifestyle. Perhaps in a way (arguably) one of those times at it’s most extreme would be coming from the influence of “one of” the othe other major influences in my life which would be #TruthCalkins, when I ate raw meat on and and off for maybe 2 years.
A major part of me, is spiritual, and total true wellness, which is wreckless investigation, experimentation and implementation of all things to do with the #TOTALITY OF LIVINGINTHISDIMENSION, which is equally tonifying, supporting and improving all to do with the four aspects at which the human spaceship explores life; those are *PHYSICALLY* *MENTALLY* *EMOTIONALLY* and to a degree above the others (NOT equally) *SPIRITUALLY*.
For #inthebigpicture we are spiritual beings having a physical (human) experience for reasons to grow and become more spiritually expanded as beings truely of intrinsic consciousness.
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