Better than Anything Lemon Crunch Cake Recipe – HOW TO MAKE A LEMON SHEET CAKE

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This Cake will definitely make any Desert Table, Or Party Table Stand Out!!
The top is loaded with Crunched up Lemon Oreos, the inside of the Homemade Lemon Cake, is filled with Homemade Lemon Curd.. I mean seriously.. You cannot go wrong with making this Cake!
Y’all have to give this Cake a try.. it’s so easy & Simple to Make.. If you do exactly as I did in the Video, you will see & Taste exactly what we did!
I Love this Cake.. & you all will too!
Thank you for Watching

Better than Anything Lemon Crunch Cake Recipe..

Better than Anything German Chocolate Cake Recipe::

I Bought the Lemon Oreos
At Walmart..


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  1. Yes girl you came thru with a lemon cake that is amazing! Merry Christmas to me. Thanksgiving was a huge hit, I used some of your recipes to make a different spread this year and I had very little left overs. Much love from pa

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