Black Forest Cake
Black forest cake is a favourite of most of the people. We buy it from the pastry shops and keep wondering that how it is made. But believe me it is not all that difficult. Try out this recipe follow the instructions and you’ll be surprised when and final
result will come.


2 Maida or grams.
3 Sugar grams.
4 Baking tsp.
5 Coco table spoon.
6 Vanilla few drops.
7 grams (fresh).
8 Ground table sp.
9 Cherrys with cup.


1) Egg should be on room temperature while making cakes prepare a cake tin with paper and oil on it dust with maida.

2) The container in which you’ll beat the eggs should be dry & clean.

3 ) Take a bowl or thali put a sieve, baking powder, coco powder and sieve to remove the lumps.

4) Mix it well keep aside.

5) Break the egg, separate egg white from the yolks.

6) Start beating the white protion with a beater or a fork till it becomes hard or stiff. It will take 4-5 min. Add powdered sugar very gentally in small amounts and beat till all the sugar finishes.

7) Beat egg yolks well for 3-4 min and add to white portion gentally and beat for3-4 min. Add vanilla essence.

8 ) Add the mixture of maida & coco to the eggs very gentally with hands in one direction.

9) Bake for 25 min on 180 check in between the temperature may vary from oven.

10) Take out from oven cool it before icing.

11) Take out cherry crush half of them add sugar to syrup. Cut the cake into two halves pour syrup.

12) Beat fresh cream & sugar spread on the cake again put the top layer, soak it with syrup apply cream, plain it with spatuala. Decorate it with cherrys.

13) Grate dark chocolate generously to it.

14) Chill it before serving.

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