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Raw Chocolate Recipeswonders of Chocolate In its purest form. Healthy Chocolate, Delicious, Nutritious, Guilt Free Chocolate, Diabetic Friendly.the Raw Chocolate is made from organic unprocessed Cacao beans.raw/living foods naturally contain enzymes. Heating above 110-120 degrees Fdestroys most enzymes, minerals & vitamins. .also, in the special case of Chocolate, which is so extremelyhigh in heat sensitive antioxidants, roasting the chocolate or processing it at hightemperatures destroys most of the beneficial antioxidants similar to when youcook an orange you lose most of the vitamin C.raw chocolate is a super food. When prepared the right way it is good for the Body, Mind & Soul. Its loaded with enzymes, magnesium, minerals & antioxidants. 60+ Recipes


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