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Turbo charge your health with super curry, the ultimate super going to share my recipes that I use for myself and my family that Im convinced keep us all healthy, fit and bursting with may be a little bit confused. Curry? Healthy? You may have thought it was packed with fat and calories. You are right. In some restaurants, not all of them, the curry is usually swimming in high fat or ghee, and the meat or vegetables are so over-cooked that they have lost their nutrients.if you buy some frozen or ready meals from supermarkets, many of them will contain additives, fillers and artificial flavours. Even curry sauce jars often contain a lot of chemical additives that are used for the prolonging the shelf-life of the sauce. Not very again, you must be asking why I consider my super curry to be a superfood that can help to boost your health.firstly, I like to freshly prepare my super curry so that it is bursting with flavour, vitamins and nutrients.secondly, the oil I use is much healthier than a lot of the oils used in restaurant or supermarket curry. Mass produced curry will contain the cheapest oil such as vegetable oil which has been proven to unhealthy.thirdly, I like to cook my curry in a wok which lowers the cooking time and reduces the amount of oil and fat needed for cooking the curry.


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