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Have you ever had a really nasty protein shake? Like…a really nasty protein shake?i’m talking about a shake that smells funny, tastes off and, worst of all, develops three full inches of this curious foam before you even get to the shake?yes. That. A nasty protein shake.if you’ve ever had one, you know what they are and you know you don’t like them! But do you know why the shake was nasty? What causes that odor, that off smell, the foam of doom? And more importantly, how do you fix it?the Bariatric Foodie Guide to Perfect Protein Shakes is here to help! This is more than a simple recipe book. It’s a how-to manual for making low-carb, high-protein, crave-worthy protein shakes. Not only will I give you shake recipes to suit many tastes (coffeehouse-style drinks? Got ’em. Shakes that taste like candy? Got ’em!) I also give you my best tips and methods for making sure your shake looks, smells and tastes the way you want it no matter what recipe you are if you’re sick of nasty protein shakes…or even if you just want to switch it up, this book is for you. It’s little but mighty and packed full of recipes, tips and tricks that will soon have you in total protein shake joy! Don’t believe me? Just read the reviews. Then play with your food!


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