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Bread Twists recipe;

The dough you prepare turns out a soft and tender pastry, try this recipe and see how easy and how delicious these bread twists are.


For the dough;

1 teacup of milk (the teacup is: 110 ml.),
1 teacup of yogurt,
110 ml. vegetable oil,
2 eggs (one of the egg yolk is for the top),
1 tablespoon of granulated sugar,
1 coffee spoon of salt,
10 grams of instant yeast (1 packet),
4 – 4,5 cups of all purpose flour (the cup is: 200 ml.).

For the top;

1 egg yolk,
1 tablespoon of vegetable oil,

Process of bread twists recipe;

Firstly, to prepare the pastry dough, combine the milk, yogurt and vegetable oil in a pot and make the mixture warm over the stove.
Pour the warm mixture in a deep bowl and add the egg, sugar, salt and the yeast and mix them well.
Add the flour slowly and knead well.
Get a soft but not sticky dough.

Cover the dough firstly with plastic wrap then a clean cloth and leave it to rise.

After the dough gets double size, knead it and divide the dough in 8 pieces and roll them in your palm.
Take one of the dough balls and by using your hands form a long rope on a plain surface.
Then twist the pieces to form a braid and place it on a baking sheet in a tray by leaving some spaces between each of the pastries.
Continue with the other dough balls.

After placing all of the pastry twists in the tray, brush the egg yolk and vegetable oil mixture on them.
Spread sesame on them and leave them in the tray to rise before baking.

After they get double size bake them in the preheated oven at 200°C until they get golden brown.

This pastry recipe is for 8 bread twists.

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