Brik (بريك) is a famous Tunisian deep fried pastry. This is absolutely scrumptious, if you’ve never tried it before. This version (one of the more popular ones), has a filling of whole egg , seasoned tuna, onion, parsley and capers. Some versions add Harissa to spice things up, but here I use the Tunisian spice mix ‘Tabil’. You might compare it with a samosa, but the filling is entirely different … imagine cutting into the pastry and getting delicious oozilicious egg!! My kids are bonkers for oozy egg yolk, so they adore Brik!
You can replace the tuna with chicken or mince as well.
Brik pastry is known as Malsouka ملسوقة or Warka. Brik pastry is a very thin pastry that comes wrapped in cellophane. It is found at North African stores.. but can be replaced with Fillo pastry if you can not find it .. if you can not find fillo, spring roll pastry may be used although the thinner pastry is better.
I used tuna in sunflower oil in this video, but tuna in olive oil is better for this recipe.
Here is the recipe:

here is the recipe for Tabil Spice Mix:


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