The latest news in the food industry and we try some epic spicy snacks!!

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Mukbang – A La Carte


  1. Ok I like you guys and have been following since day 1. I’m a big fan and want you guys to keep going strong.
    Here’s my thoughts on a la carte:
    1. No ones cares about the actual food news, at least make them funny. You try but it’s not good, I know Harley’s much funnier than that.
    2. The background is too annoying. I understand what aesthetic you were going for but I don’t like it.
    3. The background music is way too loud.
    4. The ‘crowd’ has never been a good idea in any media ever, it removes from the substance.
    5. The mukbang or challenge segments are the only redeeming qualities but they completely contrast the flow of the show.
    I’ll give a suggestion of scrapping the show as it is and make something more similar to just the last parts or splitting up the two shows.

    I don’t want to sound like a dick but really ‘handle it’ isn’t very interesting so people don’t watch them and the meals are epic but they’ve been epic for 7 years now so people are less interested. Except if the thumbnail shows something special like the 10m scoville one or one that shows how expensive something was. Or just do whatever the fuck you want, who am I to tell you what to do.


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