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Homemade Puff pastry recipe ingredients :
500g AP flour, 250g water, 10g salt, 380g unsalted butter.

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  1. Excellent my hypothesis was accurate.

    The grains of flour become larger than the layers and became mixed in with the butter. Instead of creating distinct layers desired in puff pastry, would make a homogeneous mix like a cake.

  2. When the layers get very thin, wouldn’t the butter be able to better permeate the dough, so that it is no longer strictly a ‘lamination’ but rather a ‘kneading in’ of the butter?

    There’s probably a critical pastry (dough) thickness for which it ceases to act like a barrier against the butter, right?

  3. Why not when you start the folds make the sheet thickness greater then normal so that way the at the 12th fold layers will not infuses with each other.

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