It is festive season now in everywhere. We know everyone is preparing their festive table for their delightful people. We are introducing easy pastry share in 2 ways, just like pizza! There are 2 versions, sweet and cheesy. Watch the video and try those. It is so easy but delicious and everyone will love those. You will never regret to serve your people.

Full recipe:
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Shop the ingredients:
Plums 150g (3)

Clementine 100g (2)

Blueberries 1pack

Raspberries 1pack

Mascarpone 250g

Puff Pastry Sheet 1

1 Egg


Cranberry Sauce 250g

Sliced Ham 90g

Brie Cheese 200g

Plum Tomato

Fresh Basil

1 Egg


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