Dragon Fruit, Apple and Malunggay Benefits:

Dragon Fruit Benefits

* Immune Booster.
* Digestion Helper.
* Diabetes Treatment and Prevention.
* Heart-Healthy.
* Keeps You Looking Youthful.
* Potential Cancer Prevention.

Apple Benefits

* Helps in weight loss.
* Improves eyesight.
* Facilitates digestion.
* Helps prevent cancer.
* Control blood sugar levels.
* lower cholesterol level in body.
* Useful in treating anemia.

Malunggay Green Benefits

* Calcium.
* Potassium.
* Iron.
* Vitamin A.
* Vitamin B.
* Vitamin C.
* and balance the cholesterol level in the body.

Dragon Fruit Shake
Dragon Fruit Shake with Apple and Malunggay
Dragon Fruit Shake Recipe


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