Easy Buttercrust Pastry Dough

In this video I do a quicker reboot of the Buttercrust Pastry Dough/Pie Dough recipe. This is a versatile sweet dough that is great for desserts. If you want a savory crust (not sweet) lower the sugar and add about a teaspoon of salt. Remember, you can freeze this dough in a ziplock freezer bag for up to a year and use as needed. Put it in the fridge the night before to thaw or just set it out for an hour. This is Julia Child’s Buttercrust recipe; you need no other.

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    • Thank you, Steve. Many recipes are easy, it’s just the prep or grunt work, but not much to get here. This one is easy and with this double recipe, you can always have some ready in the freezer! Thanks for watching, Steve.

  1. Mmmm, pies! And such an easy looking procedure! Wonderful! I’ll have to try this when the wifey heads out to the other side of the world. ?

    Thanks, Jim!

    Forgot to say: love the bloopers! They remind me so much of me!

    • Thanks, Dennis! This is Julia Child’s classic buttercrust. I think the butter is the difference. I hope this version of the video is an improvement on the original, which I retired after posting this one.

  2. Fun Video Jim, especially those outtakes! Yup, my Mom taught me that exact same recipe a few…. decades ago, it quick, easy and it freezes! Thank You, Jim!

    • Thanks, Steve. I needed to update and retire the old video. It was cringeworthy. Now if I can just get a new food processor that doesn’t sound like a dying animal 😉


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