Egg yolk shortcake (蛋黃酥) is probably one of the most popular desserts in China right now. It’s interesting sweet and savoury flavour makes it so special.

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Ingredients:11 portions

cure egg yolks-

11 egg yolks


flour dough

120g flour
25g sugar
1 pinch of salt
44-45g lard
46g water

fat dough/ lard dough

90g flour
45g lard

300g red bean paste
1 egg yolk
black sesame seeds

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black sesame seeds:

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  1. Work sucks today lol sorry talking to myself,but yes this makes me happy You are so professional,! Amazing work!👍👏👏
    I enjoying the video so much, but too much works for me😂
    I better buy some at chinatown and enjoy it. LOL 😂 like 3 have beautiful day

  2. wow really yummy looking! your videos are looking better and better, so pro like! Love the eggs how they are all lying next to each other in a group


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