Tips on how to make and handle any kind of pie dough. Also, my gluten free pie dough recipe below.


Gluten Free Pie Dough for 2 crust pies


2 cups Gluten Free All Purpose Flour
1 tsp Sea Salt
2/3 cups Solid Shortening
6-8 tbl Cold filtered water

Mix flour and salt until well combined.
Measure 2/3 cups of shortening and combined with pastery blender.
Add 6-8 cold filtered water. Start out with 6 tbs. then add more up to 8 tbs. Mix well until dough forms.
Cut dough in half for the two crusts.

Tear off 4 sheets of wax paper. (Two per crust). Sprinkle some water on your surface so wax paper won’t slide.
Spray with cooking spray.
Place half of the dough on the bottom wax paper.
Take another sheet of wax paper and spray it with cooking spray. Press the dough between the wax paper to get started. Take your rolling pin and roll the pastry out to size of the pie pan. When it’s the right size, pull the top sheet of wax paper off and flip the bottom wax paper and dough into the pie pan. Add filling, then repeat steps with the top crust.



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