Healthy Food Hacks Your Mother Didn’t Teach you | 10 Tips for Millennials **** Visit

In this video I share my 10 Healthy Food Tips:

#1 Buying Ripe Bananas

#2 How to Make Banana Peel Tea

#3 Save Time with a Breakfast Smoothie

#4 No Waste “Kale Stem” Juice

#5 Whole Squash Bake (Lazy-man Version)

#6 Trail Mix and Healthy Snacking

#7 Lock & Lock Containers –

#8 Easy Garlic Peeler –

#9 Get More Minerals

Earth Minerals
Green Minerals –
Whole Food Vitamin C Powder –
Diatomaceous Earth –

#10 Reduce Sugar in the Diet

Music Intro Courtesy of Rob Hulson.

The Right Blend: Blender-only Raw Food Recipes (black & white photos)

The Right Blend: Blender-only Raw Food Recipes (color photos)

Detox Delish: Your Guide to Clean Eating

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About this video: Jennifer Mac shares her 10 Healthy Food Hacks and Healthy Food Tips for Millennials.



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