In this video I will share a really good healing/ detox recipe with you. This is like a cocktail and you can serve it as a starter, afternoon snack or as a breakfast. Its really good if you have a party or if you are on a detox or if you just want some really delicious food! Your body will love it, and your friends too! This drink is low fat, and works well on 801010 diets, and if you want it more filling, double the recipe, and if you want ofcourse, you can top it with avocado!

The hole written recipe:

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  1. Hows the immigrant issues going on there?. Why dont you people rise up and stand against their invasion?. I read they are really screwing things up.

    • Scynable most swedes do not exerience it on day to day basis, just keep out of multicultural areas and youre fine. it’s really bad, but easy to avoid

    • i love oranges ..i just got back from el Salvador vacation a nd their was alot of orange trees . i would buy 200 sweet oranges organic for $8 dollars.tropical coconut 69cents very cheap right? i would wake up with 3 coconut every day….amazing stuff !!! and i would eat like 30 to 50 oranges a day i love it…………………………………………. but now im back working again with the cold weather in Connecticut where nothing grows. suckssss


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