How To Make Sashimi With sea bream Fish – Filleting Fish – Sushi (Sashimi) Recipes.

Sashimi (刺身) is thinly sliced, raw food. It is one of the most famous dishes in the Japanese cuisine. Seafood is most commonly eaten as sashimi, but other types of meats (such as beef, horse and deer) and foods (such as yuba tofu skin and konnyaku) can also be served as sashimi. Some people confuse sashimi with sushi. Unlike sashimi, sushi includes vinegared rice.

Sashimi dishes are available at many types of restaurants and at most izakaya. They are also popularly used in teishoku set meals and are a standard element of traditional kaiseki course meals. The slices of raw food are often presented arranged atop of a bed of shredded daikon and garnished with shiso leaves. At some restaurants, the rest of the fish is sometimes presented alongside the sashimi as decoration.
As sashimi is eaten raw, the fish must be best quality, and it should be as fresh as possible – some Japanese restaurants keep the fish alive in tanks right up to the minute they prepare it. Highly skilled chefs train for years to perfect the art of slicing the fish, according to variety, to maximise enjoyment. Having said that, it is possible to make sashimi at home, so long as the fish is super-fresh, and it’s handled properly.
Popular types of sashimi

The following are some of the more common types of sashimi that travelers are likely to encounter during their trip in Japan. Most of them are available nationwide and year round, except for where noted.
Maguro (Tuna) , Sake (Salmon) , Tai (Sea Bream), Saba (Mackerel), Katsuo (Bonito or Skipjack Tuna), Kanpachi (Greater Yellowtail/Amberjack), Buri/Hamachi (Yellowtail or Amberjack),Ika (Squid),Tako (Octopus),Amaebi (Shrimp),Hotate (Scallop),Hokkigai (Surf Clam),Ikura (Salmon Roe),Uni (Sea Urchin)

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