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    • I have water that I will use to swish around in my mouth if I have anything stuck in my teeth but generally I don’t currently do too much during the day. I oil pull 1 to 2 times a day (morning and night), floss at night and brush morning and night and that’s it. If I eat dates I will try to eat a juicy fruit afterwords to remove any date that may be stuck to my teeth. Some people recommend to swish water with some baking soda in it after consuming fruit meals but I haven’t found the need to do so. My teeth have only gotten better since beginning this lifestyle 7 years ago. No cavities. I did chip my front two teeth a couple years ago and had a bit of thinning just on the tips of my front two teeth which had me a little concerned but they have balanced out and have not gotten any worse since. Overall I’m very happy with my dental health.

    • Avoid processed foods and oils. Eat exclusively whole food plants including plenty of leafy greens and an appropriate amount of omega 3 rich nuts/seeds that I mentioned in the video and our body should have no problem converting ALA into EPA/DHA. My blood tests show this has worked for me and I don’t take any sort of EPA/DHA supplements. Dr. Fuhrman still recommends that people take an algae based supplement but I haven’t found it to be necessary for me.

  1. Great video Matt , thank you for sharing your What I eat in a day ! My eating day pretty much looks the same except that I do it in a 5-8 hour window, it has worked great for me and has been for close to 3+ years

    • +Raw Intuition Thanks Matt !! Fasting and eating should be intuitive, so I try to avoid being strict myself, but I still end up fasting 16-19 hrours a day most days effortlessly without feeling hungry; has worked well so far, but if my body starts asking for a longer feeding window in future , I am not going to be rigid and adamant about sticking to a strict window.

  2. You really got this down! I’m one year in and can’t picture living any other way now, I feel sooo much better with this lifestyle! Thank you for sharing your tips ?

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