How to make air-dry buttercream roses that you can pick up to put on a cake, but which also stay soft enough for people to eat without breaking their teeth!

Recipe for air dry buttercream:
1 pound powdered sugar
1 cup crisco shortening (no butter unless you’ll be refrigerating them)
water to add to get to the consistency you want for piping. Start with a small amount and add as needed.
butter flavoring or vanilla flavoring or both
2 Tbsp meringue powder (optional)

This is a good recipe to use for practice buttercream since it doesn’t have anything perishable in it. You can store it and reuse it when practicing your piping skills. You can also use it to make these air dry roses or other decorations that you can make ahead to use on cakes.

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  1. Wonderful…..I loved this idea. I love making flowers ahead of time. And
    you make it look so easy. I still have difficulty with roses. Mine are too

    • I was lucky that mine looked okay for this, they’re usually much worse! If
      you make them on dowels they tend to end up less flat because you can make
      them like a cone shape and when you slide them off of the dowel it flattens
      it out to an acceptable rose shape 🙂


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