When you visit a sashimi store in Japan, one of the things you might usually see on your plate are white shredded squid. The Japanese call it “ika somen”. “Ika” is the Japanese word for squid while somen is a white noodle made from wheat flour.

My husband prepared this dish. He used a squid bought from Aeon supermarket. The one he got is the squid which has already been cleaned and ready for use so unfortunately we can not show how to clean the squid in the video. If you have a whole squid with you, just take all the organs, head and skin then wash it very carefully. When making this dish, you need to use the freshest squid. If you’re unsure where your squid is from, better not try this dish.

Please watch the video to learn how to prepare ika somen and get the list of ingredients.


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