How To Use Superfoods as Medicine Review – Does it work? Find out exactly how to use the most powerful and therapeutic superfoods on the planet to treat nearly every ailment.
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There’s a reason why scientists are raving about these superfoods:
Whether it’s turmeric for cancer, coconut oil for weight loss, or ginger for arthritis, these foods have serious benefits. The good news? It’s all true! The bad news? There’s too much conflicting, confusing and misleading information online about using them.

Wanting to live a healthier life shouldn’t be this hard.

That’s why we’ve created How to Use Superfoods as Medicine: a one-stop guide that demystifies superfoods and tells you exactly how you can use them to unlock their full powers.

We’ll teach you how to make your
own home remedies and superfood recipes

The remedies and recipes in this book will help you:
Strengthen digestion
Boost concentration
Boost memory
Improve circulation
Balance blood sugar
Boost metabolism

Coconut Oil
Powerful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can treat a range of infections from the flu to candida due to the lauric and caprylic acid content
Proven to improve cognitive function
Comprised of over 60% MCT oil, which provides a quick burst of energy, boosts metabolism and doesn’t get stored as fat!

Apple Cider Vinegar
A potent antimicrobial that fights off UTIs and yeast infections
Breaks up mucus and clears up sinuses
Contains acetic acid which supports weight loss by curbing cravings and balancing blood sugar levels
Strengthens digestion to combat acid reflux and heartburn

And …

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