Who ever said salad was boring? Jamie’s created an exciting superfood salad for esteemed Youtuber Jim Chapman, and maxed it out with nutritious, healthy and incredible tasting ingredients. Roasted sweet potatoes, handfuls of plump quinoa, delicious nuggets of feta cheese, avocado and fresh chilli – the list goes on! And all this yummy goodness is brought together with a punchy pomegranate, lime and balsamic dressing. This ladies and gentlemen, is a salad that tastes like a million dollars. Enjoy.

For a far naughtier treat that’s just as much fun to make head over to Jim’s channel: where he and Jamie make a delicious Eton Mess.

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V – This is a vegetarian recipe


  1. I hate the orange sweet potatoes. The texture make me gip. I like the white sweet potatoes though. I don’t like avocado either, so what could be used instead?

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