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Make your own healthy KETO simple syrup, no artificial preservatives or any of that junk. Low-carb and can be made with any sugar-alcohol that you like.

Use this to make your own keto frappuccino!:

Want help with low-carb baking questions? I just created a Facebook group specifically for Low-Carb & Keto Baking Advice! I’ll be posting new resources and answering questions every week. Check it out here:

Low-Carb Snickers Bar Recipe:

What is erythritol? What are sugar-alcohols, and why are they better than splenda or other 0-calorie sweeteners? Find out more about all the ingredients I use here:


Blurry video? Go to the lower right-hand side of the video, click on the settings button (gear symbol), adjust to 720 or higher, let it re-load, and you’re all set.


The Traveling Pastry Hunter (TPH):
Low-carb & keto versions of all your favorite desserts.
I create and share these recipes so that diabetics, keto-dieters, carb-resistant people like me, and anyone else looking to avoid sugar can enjoy desserts that taste amazing.


Hammock Days by Bonus Points
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This video was shot on an iPhone 5S. Edited on iMovie + Fotor


  1. hey darling! very well done as always! Bit of advice! I noticed you have opened a patreon (yay! patreon buddies!) but you might want to integrate the link in the description and in the video as a card? I even went to your website to see if I could find a link and had to give up cause unless I type it in the browser i cannot reach it, and that might be a put down to people? If you make it just a click away it’s much more likely for people to even just visit 😉 xx

    • Thanks! That’s a great idea. I’ll be optimizing my Patreon page and promoting it fully this weekend, so I’ll add a card and link in the description as well then. 🙂

    • If you try to reduce down the syrup made with erythritol or xylitol, it will only last 1 day before crystalizing and getting a grainy texture.

    • If you use erythritol, it will be more like a syrup (true simple syrup is meant to be more liquidy), but if you want something thicker like pancake syrup, you could use isomalt and reduce it down by boiling off more of the water. Unfortunately isomalt will up the carb count a bit. I’ll try to do a keto maple syrup recipe later this summer. 🙂


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