Let Chef Prince Walleck teach you how to make Mac and Brie Bites! It’s a delicious snack for all food and cheese lovers!


2 Cups of elbow noodles
1/4 Cup of milk
2 Cups of Velveeta
1 Pack of bacon
2 Cups of shredded cheese
1/4 Cup of jalapeno
2 Cups of pancake mix
Vegetable oil for the deep fry

1 Cutting board
1 Chef knife
1 Frying pan
1 Spatula
1 Wooden spoon
2 Mixing bowls
1 Large pot
1 Small sauce pan

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Mac And Cheese Bites – Handle It


  1. Hey Prince Atari! Have you got a hair cut recently? It looks Nice. I myself
    have tried to make these balls and they Are absolutely Delicious. Fantastic

  2. So, why change from Prince Atari to Prince Wallick? Did Atari issue a cease
    and desist from using their name or some shit?
    If I got in on a name like that, that’s an amazing name that’s easy to
    market because everybody knows it. I wouldn’t think Atari could make him
    change his name on a social media site. It’s not like Ameer was trying to
    fool people with it or anything.


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