In this video I will share a really delicious raw vegan sushi recipe with you. This sushi recipe have a technique called “mosaic”, but because this recipe is raw vegan, it will not look the same (or taste the same!) It will look more like art, sushi art. Because the sushi is raw vegan, the base is not rice, I made a delicious paté instead with the base of nuts of choice and cauliflower, but ofcourse, you can replace the cauliflower with broccoli, jicama, or romanesco, and the nuts, feel free to make it nutfree, by using seeds instead. The sauce have their base of persimmons, but if its not season- replace it with mango, it will be delicious! Even pineaple works great for this recipe!

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  1. It’s nearly a sin, biting in such beautiful artwork!! And só healthy… If you would add some kurkuma you also could get a beautiful yellow, and along with garlick it would be healty for the neurtransmitting of the brain…


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