Hi everyone! I just wanted to share another one of my tasty low fat raw vegan recipes with you. It’s a cherry lime smoothie. Recipe down below. Enjoy the fun video! 🙂

2-3 frozen bananas
1-2 cups frozen cherries (de-thawed & use the juice in the bag too!)
1/2 small lime

*Blend everything up. Use celery sticks for dipping if you want a nice salty combo with this. Celery pairs really nicely with these flavors. Enjoy the raw nutrition that your body craves! 🙂

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Go raw vegan and love being raw! I completely believe in the low fat raw vegan lifestyle that’s for sure! I’m happy to share this lifestyle with anyone and everyone. We all deserve a happy, healthy, and abundant life and a healthy lifestyle does just that. If you are interested in the raw vegan lifestyle, please check out some of these other amazing individuals that can help you in your journey to health and healing:

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*I am not claiming to be the health expert, nutritionist, dietitian in anyway. I’m just a regular person sharing my thoughts, opinions, and spreading a positive message to anyone who wants to listen. 🙂

Music is provided by the YouTube Audio Library.


  1. Not bashing at all… as this smoothie looks fabulous and I would love to try it one day. Just responding to maybe why this one hasn’t been on the YouTube, lol. Food combining could be why?? I mean since I became a raw vegan fruitarian I’ve learned that we shouldn’t mix acidic fruits with sweet fruits. I know as we get cleaned out then food combining rules don’t really apply much as so many raw folks mix stuff together and you’ve been at this lifestyle for years so you must fit in that category now. Love to ya Mrs. Stacey ?

  2. Do you use coconut sugar? Not sure if its raw, but I love putting it in a smoothie I do. That’s a new recipe I’m going to try. My daughter loves smoothies too.


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