Hi everyone! I just wanted to share with you another one of my low fat raw vegan recipes. It’s chocolate mousse! I’ve seen so many other people make chocolate mouse so I finally tried my own version and it was fantastic! I hope you all enjoy it too. Recipes down below. Enjoy the fun video! 🙂

1 large ripe banana
1 small ripe avocado
2-3 soft medjool dates
1 scoop of raw carob powder

*Blend everything together and enjoy the raw nutrition that your body craves!

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Go raw vegan and love being raw! I completely believe in the low fat raw vegan lifestyle that’s for sure! I’m happy to share this lifestyle with anyone and everyone. We all deserve a happy, healthy, and abundant life and a healthy lifestyle does just that. If you are interested in the raw vegan lifestyle, please check out some of these other amazing individuals that can help you in your journey to health and healing:

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*I am not claiming to be the health expert, nutritionist, dietitian in anyway. I’m just a regular person sharing my thoughts, opinions, and spreading a positive message to anyone who wants to listen. 🙂

Music is provided by the YouTube Audio Library.


  1. Wishing you get what you deserve for continuity’s of daily inspiration that ‘You Tube’ 100,000 award 🥇 Almost there Miss Staci.. Agree fruit like a desert at every meal…

  2. Looks great Staci! I can chew on dried Carob and love the taste as where my parants grew up in Europe there were plenty of Carob trees and the dried pods were like a healthy snack and used ground up in filling strudels ect. I purchased organic carob powder and I gag! I just cannot stand it, I do not know why it does not taste like the real dried out pods. It has this off taste I just cannot get past and believe you me I have tried several brands and nope, gag. Just like I gag on Cilantro. Weird. I love raw Cocao though! Marcus Rothkranz has a great recipe for raw chocolate/marzipan freezer chocolate I am sure you will love!


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