minced meat in savoury pastry
this video will be prepared for 4 large tray pie for 100 people
80 pieces of thin baked bread
8 kilograms of beef
8 large onions
spices flake pepper, salt, black pepper, dry mint,
30 eggs
1 liter liquid sunflower oil
3 kg yoghurt
2 liters of milk
3 bottles of mineral water
sesame and cumin
Start by peeling onions
divide the peeled onion into 2 pieces first and chop finely
prepare beef with mincemeat
cook beef in high cooker in large cooker mince
add the chopped onions
the ground meat continues to cook
Prepare the sauce you will use to soak the yufka bread
add 30 eggs into the mixing bowl
 add some liquid sunflower oil
you can increase the sunflower oil to the meat oil ratio
Add 3 bottles of mineral water and mix slightly with the beater
Add 2 liters of milk
Add 3 kilograms of yoghurt
Add up to 80 grams of salt
 the ground meat continues to cook
cook small pieces of mince bean
spices and stir
flake pepper salt black pepper sugar dry mint
the meat will continue to cook until the water in the center is exhausted
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stay in a place with air for cooling after mincing
lubricate oven trays
first add the breadcrumbs to the sides of the tray
a total of 4 trays will be made in this way
 soak this layer with the addition of the prepared starch
 Add the doughs wavy in the second layer
add ground beef
add sauce
one more layer to be added in the same way
fine dough and ground beef are prepared as 2 layers in total 4 times is added each kata sauce is added
you can use chopped parsley if you wish
close the edges after the final coat is ready
add sauce to the top
final with brioche knife before cooking
your job will be easier and the pie will swell better after you cut and cook
1 tray pie divided into 48 slices
Donut and sesame seeds on top
pies were ready and it’s time to bake
Cook for 40 minutes at 160
this burrito will not be kept waiting
serve hot when you leave the oven



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