Misugaru is a classic Korean drink which consists of a variety of roasted multi-grains turned in super fine powder. It is enjoyed as Healthy Protein Shake from little kids to grandparents. Misugaru is Korea’s ultimate Super Food drink that is loaded with protein and it has been around for centuries. AND it is super yummy in taste with its natural sweet and nutty fragrance. (No, it does not taste or smell like peanuts.) It smells like a freshly toasted bread…SO YUM! Also, it does not have that “industrial-grade taste” of many protein powders on the market, leaving you that weird and heavy aftertaste. Misugaru, on the other hand, makes you wanting more because of it s smooth aftertaste.

This video recipe will cover:
– A brief overview of Misugaru
– Four different ways of enjoying Misugaru shakes: Protein Shake Recipes

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– Detailed list of all the ingredients
– Recipe Instructions
– List of Korean markets in the San Francisco Bay Area
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