Hello everybody! Today we made a moist fluffy yellow cake (inspired by Phyllis Stokes) It is so amazing! It’s hard to put down after one piece, lol! This cake is great for strawberry shortcakes, or birthday cakes, or just for when you’re craving cake.
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  1. I love your boarder trim it is so pretty…. The cake recipe looks awesome.. thanks for sharing.. Big hugs GF… :”)

    • Angie’s Pantry oh Angie thank you so much! You are so sweet. I hope you are feeling well! I’m am so grateful to you for your support ?❤️?

  2. Hi Tressa, i’m a New Subscriber to your channel, Your Channel must of come up in my stream of videos because I am a subscriber of Phyllis Stokes too. Shes a wonderful lady who is very kind and down to earth.. She has some wonderful recipes and so glad I found your channel too. Lee

    • Claudia Griffis Erdman So do I! She is amazing! Thank you so much for watching and commenting! Hope you will try this whipping cream method. It is so good!?


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