How to make mussel pastr


For dough;

-1 water glass tepid milk
-Sunflower seed oil 1.5 finger less than 1 water glass
-1 egg
-1 package of yeast cake
-1 tablespoon granulated sugar
-1 level coffee spoon salt ( or 1 teaspoon heaped salt)
-2 tablespoon vinegar (in order for it to be crispy)
-half pound of flour

For filling:

– 4 heaped tablespoon butter + half tea glass sunflower seed oil (melt the butter to apply between the doughs and mix it with the sunflower seed oil)
-some starch to use when Rolling out the dough
– sufficient cheese and parsley mix


Hello everyone, i will give you the recipe of mussel
pastry. Put the milk, sunflower seed oil, salt, sugar, 1 egg and vinegar into a bowl and mix them. Add some flour and yeast on them and get a dough which has the consistency of an earlobe. Leave it to rest in order for it to be fermented.
Meanwhile, add some starch on the flour which you will be using for Rolling out the dough and mix them. Disintegrate the fermented dough into 6 equal pieces and make them lumps. Roll out the lumps by making them adequately 30 centimeters diameters and take them aside. Leave the last lump on the counter and apply the oil on it. Laminate the other doughs respectively and apply the oil between each of them. Do not apply the oil on the last dough. After waiting for oil to freze for 20 minutes, roll out the dough, which has 6 layers, as much as you can without ruining the layers. Wrap the rolled out dough tightly like a cylinder. Roll the cylinder always in the same direction in order for it to get thinner. Cut them into pieces which are (one and a half) finger thick. Roll out the pieces you cut as big as a pastry but do not ruin its layers. Put the mix of cheese and parsley into the rolled out dough and close them. Apply the egg on them and after waiting for 30 minutes, put them into the oven.

Pastries are ready. If you like the pastries crispy as I like them, you can put them into the cold oven and cook them with a hundred and fifty degree, if you like them soft, you can cook them with a hundred and eighty degrees. This recipe has been made at the request of one of my subscriber.

I hope love, peace, plentifulness, richness and fairness will increase…

Bon appetite everyone!



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