The questions I answered during this video:

What’s the difference between Dutch processed cocoa and natural
Who would win in a fight a cake or a pie?
Why is it called red velvet cake instead of just chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting?
I can’t get my homemade cupcakes or cupcakes as fluffy and soft as a box mix cakes any suggestions?
What’s the secret to making a chocolate chip cookie that’s not flat.

Disclaimer: Everything I’ve stated in this video is my interpretation of understanding the science and history behind baking and red velvet cake. I am not a chemist or historian, so I do not claim that what I say is textbook fact. I just hope to make the whole baking thing easier on the hopeful seeker.

1. Adam’s Extract’s influence on the popularity of red velvet cake.

2. Tori Avery is great with food history. She wrote a great article about it here:

3. Chocolate chip cookie recipe:

4. Dutch Processed Vs. Natural Cocoa Powder.

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