Rebecca Brand shows how to make Chocolate Candy Cake Balls and made with Rum, they become Rum Balls, for a delicious DIY Christmas present. Christmas Cookies are great and these are even better! You can mail these DIY to friends and family. Making them from leftover cake crumbled up is easy and so it’s a simple DIY with a lot of Pizazz. Making it with rum turns them into Rum Balls, Home Made Rum Balss a great holiday treat or present. I topped mine with candy canes, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, white chocolate chips, red colored sugar crystals and you can get creative with whatever you like for a sparkle when you give away your Chocolate Candy Cake Balls for Christmas. Instead of Christmas cookies, try these, they are easier! and are NO Bake, when you use a leftover cake or purchased cake. How to make Christmas cookies, gets topped with this Rum Balls or Candy Cake Balls Recipe.



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