Before you begin,
Heat the oven to 180℃
Put a parchment paper on a pan
Separate the egg yolk from the white
Take the cream out of the oreo and crash it before putting into the sheet

Put half of the sugar and vanilla into the yolk and mix together
Stir enough and put milk in it
Sift the cake flour and mix them together
Also put oreo in it

Put another half of the sugar in the white and make meringue
Put the yolk dough into meringue two times
Pour the dough on the pan with a parchment paper and remove some bubbles
Then, put it into the 180℃ oven in 15min

Put sugar in the cream and whip while you cool down the sheet
Crash the oreo and put it together

Put cream on the Mid-cool down sheet and Roll it
Using the parchment paper to firm it and make it cool inside the fridge for 3~4hours


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