Vegetarian Organic Protein smoothies Muscle building Shake with home grown wheat grass – and Zak Rogerz training in gym – recipe – Vegetarian bodybuilder – this is for ever changing how I make these – put one on camera for you – mostly organic – specify in video when it isn’t – to see more visit my website – Video info I am copyright owner of this video – I appear in the video – The video is to show a Vegetarian Bodybuilder Physique and not of sexual nature is not its intention , intention to show what can be achieved on a Vegetarian diet – the music is written and produced by myself under the water marked name and copyright under APRA – there is a Reviewer that works for You Tube flagging my videos for copyright – all videos with water mark are trade mark and copyright by me. You may re share my videos , but you may NOT claim them to be yours.. Copy right info – I am the copyright owner of all work in this video including Music written , performed and produced by watermark name copyrighted under APRA – I am the the soul copyright owner to all works with my water mark logo as appears – You can re share this video but you can NOT claim it as your own it. all Links on this video lead to other You Tube videos so NOT to divert any one off of the site. Thank You