Pâte Brisée is a classic French pastry which is so versatile it is ideal for both sweet and savoury tarts, pies, and quiches. It is basically your new number-one-go-to-pastry for all your pastry case and pie crust needs.

Find the full recipe here;

Making pastry is a little like chemistry, you have to follow the recipe precisely, from start to finish, using exact measurements for consistent and successful results everytime.

Due to the high fat content in this pastry we like to make it in a machine, to keep our hot hands away from the pastry and the butter as cold as possible. But if your a stickler for classic techniques, you’ll be please to hear that you can still make this pastry by hand, you are just going to have to be a little careful.

To see how to successfully use this technique, step by step, check out our handmade Pâte Sucrée recipe here;

and then come back and apply it to this recipe.

As with all pastries, there are a few rules you will want to follow to ensure perfect pastry success. Check out our “Ultimate Pastry Proficiency Guide” here; to make yourself a master!

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