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Parmesan souffle/ roquette financier ( 5 pax)

Green bell pepper ice cream:
– 300 g of green bell pepper juice + 1gr of ascorbic acid
– 135 g of cream
– 135 g of milk
– 37 g of milk powder
– 25 g of glucose powder
– 35 g of sugar
– 3 g of Stabilisateur
– 5 g of salt
Warm the milk and the cream in a pot. Add all the powders, mix well, bring to a boil and cool down.
The green bell pepper juice has to be strained before being add to the base. Mix with a hand blender and set in a Paco.
Parmesan soufflé :
Pastry cream:
– 250 g of milk
– 90 g of egg yolk
– 50 g of trimoline
– 1.5 g of salt
– 25 g of flour
– 50 g of grated parmesan cheese
In a bowl, whip the eggs yolk with the trimoline, once emulsified, add the flour. Bring the milk and salt to boil and poor half of the liquid into the eggs yolk. Put back the remaining of the milk and the mix in the pot. Bring to a very quick boiling. Remove from the fire and add the parmesan grated. Cool down.
Soufflé recipe:
– 250 g of pastry cream
– 300 g of eggs white
– 5 g of egg white powder
– 50 g of grated parmesan.
Warm slightly the pastry cream, whip the eggs white with the salt and incorporate slowly the pastry cream into the eggs white.

Apply soft butter inside the cutter/or soufflé mold. For the cutter, you need to cut a rectangular piece of baking sheet where you applied butter inside and outside.
Place in the center the roquette financier, and add the soufflé mix. Cook at 200 degrees 2 times 3 min.


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