One of classic french dessert is Pear Pie ( tarte aux poires).It’s so delicious and yummy with almond cream.

1/ Shortcrust pastry .

2/Almond cream.

3/ poached pears in syrup or canned pears .


A/Preheat the oven at 160-170°Celsius

B/Shortcrust pastry:Lift the dough’s edges and press it into the shape of the mold.

C/ Almond Cream Recipe

100 g Butter
100 g Icing sugar
100 g Almond powder ( here I use 80 g of almond powder and 20 g of my homemade almond paste)
100 g Eggs ( 2 eggs)
And for this recipe I’m adding 1 tbsp of Corn Starch ( maizena).

1/Whisk the butter and sugar together until fluffy .
2/Add Corn Starch to butter mixter and wisk well.
3/ Add the eggs and mix .
4/almond powder and stir well.

The final crème should be smooth and
creamy in appearance.

D/Spread the almond cream onto the pastry base and arrange the half pears on top.

E/ Cook in the oven at 170°C for 35-40 minutes.


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