Pie Dough (recipe by Stella Parks) – by-hand method
Super flaky, buttery dough #becauseittastesgood

225g bleached all-purpose flour (ideally Gold Medal or Pillsbury)
15g sugar (1 Tbsp)
3g salt (1 tsp Diamond Crystal Kosher or 1/2 tsp table salt)
225g unsalted butter (2 sticks), cold
115g cold water (1/2 cup)

There is a reason I don’t give a cup measurement for flour. Flour is a powder. It’s compressible. It can’t be measured accurately by volume. If you are not used to weighing ingredients, watch this video about how to measure ingredients for baking:

I bake blind at 350F for about 1 hour.

Stella’s recipe on seriouseats.com:

Stella’s BraveTart Book:

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    • I know! I had no idea yesterday was Pie day until I saw the google logo. But we had yet another snow day with closed schools here in Boston and I didn’t get my act together with posting until this morning. Bummer because the video was already done 🙁

  1. Thank you for the extended time demonstrating method/technique. Too many videos show beginning and end which urges us to push the process thus never achieving the proper results.

  2. Isn’t more butter always the answer to improving a recipe? 😉

    I’ve grown pretty used to just throwing ice cold butter with the flower into the food processor for a few small bursts. Delivers good results and is very convenient.

    I guess I could give it a try on a weekend.

    • Helen Rennie Only proves that I’m not much of a baker. I can follow the recipes by the letter and get decent results, but I’m nowhere as capable, flexible or knowledgeable as with cooking.

      Always good to expand one’s horizon I guess.

    • with cooking yes, more butter never hurts. with baking you have to be very careful. you put more butter in than your flour can hold and it will leak. you use the wrong flour given your amount of butter and you are in trouble again.


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