Hello again everyone, today baking recipe is Pineapple Pastry or soft pineapple cookies. The pineapple filling may use canned or fresh pineapple, it could be replaced with other fillings as you prefer. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂
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Butter Dough:
127g (1 cup) bread flour
100g (7-8 tbsp) butter/margarine/lard
1 tbsp cooking oil

Water Dough:
254g (2 cups) bread flour
100g (7-8 tabsp) butter/margarine/lard
50g (4 tbsp) sugar
90ml (6 tablespoons) cold water.
(1 tbsp water = 15ml)

Egg wash: 1 egg yolk+1 tsp milk. Stir well

Quick pineapple jam:
1 can pineapple, blend until smooth+3 tbsp sugar.
Cook until the liquid evaporated. Cool down.

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