New week has started and I have new vegan recipe for you!
New Year Eve is knocking at the door, people visit each other, spend some time with families soooo what can be better than some quick appetizer typs now. Puff pastry is very practical in this case, just look for the vegan one. If you need it (and it´s available in your country) use gluten-free puff pastry aaand let´s check out the video. Hope you will like it!

You can also find me making some vagan magic in my kitchen on facebook here:

Enjoy it your way! 🙂


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  1. amazing videosister! merry christmas<3 SUBBED! love connecting with other vegans so many beautiful things in common! i make vegan videos if you wish to give them a look, sending all my loooove from NH<3333


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