Puff pastry dough is basically magic! It starts off looking like a regular plain old pastry, that is until it goes into the oven. There it transforms into a tower of thousands of crispy, buttery shards of flaky pastry.

So what is the secret to making this puff pastry dough rise?

The real secret is steam and creating hundreds of paper thin layers of dough and butter in a process called lamination. That is where the real magic takes place, it’s all in the technique of creating those glorious layers in the puff pastry.

Find out how to make puff pastry dough recipe here;

So even though the allure of shop-bought puff pastry dough may seem to much to resist when you need a quick pastry fix. Making your own puff pastry dough can be extremely satisfying and will always surpass any shop bought pastry, in term of it’s flakiness, butteriness and also in flavour.

So grab your rolling pin and get ready to reach a kitchen milestone. making your very own puff pastry dough!


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